Stuffed Chicken Breast with Pesto Cream Sauce

Simple, elegant, and not too labor intensive – what more could you ask for? Oh, did I mention it’s delicious? It’s delicious. I don’t remember when the idea of stuffed chicken popped into my head, but it was one of those small thoughts that kind of drifts in, and you think it’ll be just a passing […]

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Yogurt Spiced Chicken with Spicy Sweet Curry Sauce

Perhaps not the pretties plate of eatin’ you ever laid eyes on, but presentations aside it was darned well tasty! What? I don’t talk like that… *scratches head, confused* Alright, so last night was a rough one – I knew what I wanted to make for dinner well in advance, had bought the ingredients and marinated the chicken… […]

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Green Bean Soup – no, not split pea… green bean

Yeah, I had never heard of it either. Apparently, The Sister’s Fiancé grew up with the stuff, and so (not entirely sure how this happened) I decided to make it. I went on a hunt for recipes, and talked with him about what it’s supposed to be like – the hope being to come up with a recipe at […]

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The Spice House, Geneva IL

During the trip to Illinois, it was imperative that we made a stop at The Spice House, in Geneva. Not only was it right on the way, but it’s one of only several branches of Spice Houses started by the Penzey’s in 1957. You may be wondering why it matters that it was, once, in the […]

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Chocolate Malt Fudge Cake – birthday cake for the win!

(Chocolate Malt Fudge Cake, recipe in post) After a long absence, she returns to her keyboard, belly full and fingers ready… I’m probably flattering myself here, but for those of you desperately wondering why I haven’t posted for the past several days, it’s because I’ve been in the Chicago area visiting The Family. It’s been […]

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Totoro’s Japanese Restaurant, Ann Arbor MI

If you live in Ann Arbor, you probably know the place I’m talking about – on State St., just North of the State Theater? Unfortunately, I wasn’t thinking when I went there to take a pic of the storefront, so for now you’ll all have to settle for looking at the pixely Google street-view of […]

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Jam and Sourdough – Part 2, the Sourdough

When it came to making a sourdough starter, all I heard was how difficult it would be. How nuanced the technique was, and how you need to know what to look for and how to correct it if something’s wrong. While that’s true to a certain extent, with a bit of research and some helpful […]

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