Calabacitas – wtf are they?

You know how some grocery stores set up samples and tasting stations periodically? Well, about a week ago The Boyfriend encountered one of these samplers being set up, displaying tortilla chips and a couple of soups/dips to go with them. The focus was the chips, as that was what the store was selling, and the soup/dip had been […]

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Whisks – a very sleepy story

Let me tell you a little story. It’s called: The Tale of Three Whisks. Once upon a time, there was a metal whisk. This metal whisk was Old and Wise, and did its job better than anyone in all the land. All the forks were jealous, because the whisk got all the babes and all the glory, while they […]

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Under the weather, in bed, and between the pages

I’m sick. I’ve been sick. It’s a long story that doesn’t really need to be gone in to (which has never stopped me before, mind you), but I’ll spare you this one time. The only pertinent point is, I feel awful – so awful that I can’t even make myself soup to feel better. This […]

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Chinese Orange Chicken, and my new kitchen toy

Isn’t it lovely? Almost as lovely as my shiny new 6-quart enameled Dutch oven! Enter, Bessie LeRouge: I’nt she perty? Bessie arrived just days ago, at a healthy 13.4 lbs., and already I have dreams of her future. Ah, I can almost taste it: the beef bourguignon braising, crusty bread baking, doughnut deep-frying, and hearty stew simmering… what […]

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Leaving the kitchen and entering the blogosphere

Well, not leaving so much as taking it with me. The idea of food blogging has been simmering in my mind for a good half of a year, now. Hours spent browsing tastespotting.com, scrolling through David Lebovitz and The Pioneer Woman (among others), drooling over images and bookmarking recipes – but that’s only half of it. The […]

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