Chinese Orange Chicken, and my new kitchen toy

Isn’t it lovely? Almost as lovely as my shiny new 6-quart enameled Dutch oven! Enter, Bessie LeRouge: I’nt she perty? Bessie arrived just days ago, at a healthy 13.4 lbs., and already I have dreams of her future. Ah, I can almost taste it: the beef bourguignon braising, crusty bread baking, doughnut deep-frying, and hearty stew simmering… what […]

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Leaving the kitchen and entering the blogosphere

Well, not leaving so much as taking it with me. The idea of food blogging has been simmering in my mind for a good half of a year, now. Hours spent browsing tastespotting.com, scrolling through David Lebovitz and The Pioneer Woman (among others), drooling over images and bookmarking recipes – but that’s only half of it. The […]

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